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IT-Services & Learning Solutions

Our objective at IT-Services & Learning Solutions is to provide optimum support for students, faculty and the university administration. The modern IT infrastructure at all MCI locations, with state-of-the-art computer rooms, freely accessible PC workstations and campus-wide Wireless LAN, is one of the keys to ideal working conditions for students.

The platform www.mci4me.at contains vital data for students and lecturers such as access to the e-learning platform, webmail and your personalized information- and administration service tool „myMCI”.

e-learning platform
The e-learning platform SAKAI supports teaching and learning by providing scripts and podcasts and other multimedia tools.

e-mail account
We provide web access, but you can also use other e-mail-clients with IMAP.

All personalized information such as grades are provided in a special application, where address data and other confidential settings can be administered.


Our service team supports the courses and takes care of your suggestions and trouble tickets on our study portal mci4me.at or via e-mail: .

WLAN/WiFi access
„eduroam”™ is our Wireless Network accessible at all MCI campus areas and at any eduroam™ Partner Universities worldwide. Instructions & tutorials for setting up & activating eduroam™ on mobile devices can be found at www.mci.edu/eduroam.

Internet access at student dormitories
Internet access is available in dormitories with your MCI - username and password. The list of the connected dormitories can be found at http://www.uibk.ac.at/zid/netz-komm/studheim/allgemein.html#partner. If you encounter any problems, please contact the MCI IT-Services & Learning Solutions or the administration of your dormitory.

u:book hard- and software
Get selected notebooks and more twice a year and find out more here.

Office-packages for students and lecturers

"Fit for the future", the software shop on https://edu.acp-it.eu/landingpage_f3 and http://myessentials.onthehub.com offer software such as Microsoft Office, Visio and other.

Microsoft Dreamspark™
Microsoft Dreamspark™ program, formerly known as MSDN-AA offers students and employees free academic use of certain Microsoft software packages. Your mci4me.at- authentication is your access authoris|zation at http://e5.onthehub.com/WebStore/Welcome.aspx?ws=a71ad82a-5bf2-e311-9400-b8ca3a5db7a1.

IT-services shop
At www.mci.edu/it-services/shop you’ll find special conditions for software exclusively for educational use.

Apple 4 you
Apple on Campus offers high-quality soft- and hardware exclusively for students and employees of austrian universities. The shop is currently down for maintenance and will be back online soon.