Sustainability & Tourism

- History and development of sustainability and sustainable tourism
- Definition and differentiation of terms of sustainability and sustainable tourism
- Players in sustainable tourism (organizations, governments, tourism industry, tourists, etc.)
- Selected market conditions analysis with focus on LOHAS
- Measurability of sustainable tourism (eco labels, CSR, indicator systems, etc.)
- Focussed analysis of climate change and the role and relationship of tourism to this global concern
- Deep and Shallow Ecology and its application to Tourism
- Ecotourism as a form of sustainable tourism - a pre-curser to climate change related policy and processes
- Green management and carbon reduction strategies for enhanced business operation
- Social entrepreneurship in the context of tourism sustainability - social enterprise to social transformation - TaPhin and Lao Chai, Vietnam
- Personal perceptions and actions toward sustainability
- The social context of sustainable development: The case of waterfront development in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
- Applying concepts of clustering and network development to enhance sustainable tourism outcomes in applied settings: Cases from New Zealand and Canada
- Sustainable fuels and Aviation: Goals, Requirements, Realities
- Sustainability in the context of human rights and indigenous tourism in the Asia Pacific: Goals and responsibilities of stakeholders
- Can tourism be sustainable in the future?