Architecture & Tourism

"Architecture and Tourism: Exploring the Built Environment" is a comprehensive introduction to the dynamic intersection of space, architecture, and design within the context of the tourism and leisure industry. . Building on a general clarification and discussion of historical and contemporary ideas and notions of architecture and design, this course equips you with the essential knowledge required to make informed decisions in your role as tourism professionals and entrepreneurs.

Course Highlights:

1. Foundations of Architecture:
o Acquire a solid grasp of fundamental terminology and concepts in
architecture and design.
o Explore historical and contemporary perspectives on architecture and

2. Critical Analysis of the Built Environment:
o Develop an eye for identifying architectural ideas and concepts in your
o Cultivate a critical perspective on the built environment, enabling you to
engage in professional discussions and decisions on architecture and

3. Interplay between Architecture and Tourism:
o Recognize the connections between architecture and tourism.
o Examine the functions of architecture in serving both business and
destination needs.

4. Practical Building Knowledge:
o Develop practical knowledge about the architectural design and
construction processes.
o Understand the roles and responsibilities of architects and the tourism
management information required to turn ideas into reality.

5. Field Experience and Networking:
o Embark on an Innsbruck walking tour guided by Eric Sidoroff, offering
firsthand exposure to the stunning architecture of Innsbruck.
o Participate in an excursion (September 28) to the "legendary" mountain
sports village Kitzbühel, led by Sebastian Mitterer, to explore architectural
tourism projects and interact with tourism professionals and entrepreneurs.