Nachhaltige Tourismusentwicklung

  • Introduction to the concept of sustainable development and sustainable tourism.
    Understanding of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and their application to the tourism industry.
    In-depth understanding of the impacts of tourism and of the dimensions of sustainability.
    Discussion of the importance of sustainability for destinations in developed countries and their responses.
    Analysis of the obstacles to achieving sustainable tourism in developing countries and the role tourism plays for poverty alleviation.
    Industry responses to the sustainability agenda and a critical appraisal of ways to develop sustainable tourism destinations.

    Guest lecture Violeta Bulc:
    Global trends and their impact on Tourism, Mobility - Ecocivilisation
    In the visiting lecture we will explore the impacts (positive and negative) that the major global challenges and trends have on Tourism and Mobility.
    We will focus on:
    1. Climate change in the face of planetary cycles and human impact.
    2. Digitalisation and its contribution to development of new business models in tourism and mobility. At the same time we will also discuss trends like transhumanism, surveillance capitalism and singularity.
    3. Poverty and Pandemia, their commonalities and their impact on tourism and mobility.
    4. Space explorations, space tourism, space traffic management and what is their impact on the business development on Earth.
    5. Changed purchasing behaviours and how has that reflected in tourism and mobility.
    6. Are the challenges big enough to sense a civilisational paradigm? Can it be Ecocivilisation?
    All topics will be covered as a combination of lectures, group discussions and collective learning.