Minimalinvasive Verfahren

  • Introduction to the methods of minimally invasive surgery:
    - Endoscopy & Laparoscopy
    - Microscopy
    - Robotic manipulation
    - Physical ablation techniques (radiofrequency ablation, laser ablation, thermal ablation, alcohol septal ablation, ultrasound ablation, high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation)
    - Radiation therapy (e.g. teletherapy, brachytherapy)
    - Nuclear-medicine and molecular therapies
    - Methods of interventional radiology and cardiology (e.g. stenting, dilation)
    - Neurological and neurosurgical therapies (e.g. neural implants)
    - Implanting in ENT (middle ear, inner ear, larynx, tongue)
    - Artificial cardiac pacemaker