- Introduction to product development (definition of terms, importance and significance for business success, process landscape, product life cycle, innovation, development and trends).
- Requirements and goals of product development (VUCA and megatrends and their influence on product development, customer requirements, tension triangle, quality, customer-oriented product development, key figures)
- Stage-Gate process model (goals, framework and framework, description of the process model, advantages and disadvantages)
- APQP process model (basic model Plan-Do-Check-Act, principles, description of the process model, maturity model, process phases and milestones, methods and working tools, advantages and disadvantages)
- Deepening and exercise APQP (Cooperation Swarovski/BMW, project work/group work)
- Agile product development (basics and framework, agile methods in overview, Scrum, Design Sprint, advantages and disadvantages)
- Exercise on agile product development
- Product development in the context of corporate culture, strategy, structure and organization