Kommunikation & Verhandlungstechnik

This course on Communication and Negotiation Techniques combines theoretical knowledge with practical application, ensuring that students emerge as confident and skilled communicators and negotiators in both personal and professional settings. You will:

- explore the fundamentals of communication, including verbal and non-verbal cues.
- learn to listen actively and empathetically to improve understanding.
- develop clear and concise communication strategies for different situations and audiences.

Moreover, you will delve into negotiation fundamentals and acquire a comprehensive understanding of:

- distinctions between negotiation types (distributive vs. integrative, competitive vs. cooperative)
- concepts such as BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) and ZOPA (Zone of Possible Agreement)
- your unique negotiation styles, inclusive of personal and cultural influences, values, and personalities, and their implications on negotiation dynamics
- how to recognise and address the needs of stakeholders
- how to establish rapport and build trust and manage challenging conversations
- ways to handle concessions and craft strategic offers
- how to identify and navigate ethical dilemmas that may arise in negotiation contexts