Strategic Management & Leadership

  • - Foundations and developmental lines of strategic management
    - The strategic management process (strategic planning - analysis and
    prognosis - strategy development - strategy evaluation - operationalization
    and implementation)
    - Corporate vision
    - Strategic objectives, functioning and relevance of value-based management
    for SMEs
    - Selected strategic management tools: analysis tools, development and
    choice of strategies (internal and external analysis), etc.
    - Objectives and importance of strategic management
    - Different strategy concepts and models
    - Strategy formulation at the divisional and corporate levels
    - Strategy development, planning and implementation
    - Innovation management
    - Strategic technology management
    - Strategy implementation

    Business strategy is about finding the "right" path for the business into future -
    in a uncertain, complex and fast changing environment.
    We will talk about methods applied in business strategy process - their benefits
    and as well their limits. We will look into major root causes for poor strategies
    ending up as recipes for distaster.
    The course will give room to discuss fundamental aspects of business missions
    & strategies, sustainability and ethics.