Real Life Simulation - Practice

  • European Master in Health Economics and Management
Kennzahl der Lehrveranstaltung
Niveau der Lehrveranstaltung laut Lehrplan
  • Master
Semester in dem die Lehrveranstaltung angeboten wird
  • 3
Anzahl der zugewiesenen ECTS-Credits
  • 5.0
Name des/der Vortragenden
  • Kerschbaumer Lukas, BA MA
  • Mag. Eder Gudrun
  • Fouda Ayman, M.B.B.Ch
  • Dr. Heiss Raffael, MA
  • Prof. Dr. Kaarbøe Oddvar Martin
  • Dr. Fidler Armin, MD, MPH, MSc
  • FH-Prof. Dr. Walch Siegfried
  • Mag. Abfalterer Martin, MSc
  • Assoc. Prof. Padovani Emanuele
Lernergebnisse der Lehrveranstaltung
  • • Students understand elements of a multi-stakeholder, multidisciplinary and multifaceted approach to develop health services of health systems innovation in the context of the NCD agenda.
    • Students know how to prepare a professional presentation of their project results.
    • Students learn handle a live streamed project presentation with immediate feedback via social media (live-streamed presentations, Twitter-wall, live-streamed Q&A).
Art der Veranstaltung
  • blended learning
Voraussetzungen laut Lehrplan
  • none
  • - Students work on provided background material at real life solutions
    - Logical Framework Approach
empfohlene Fachliteratur
  • Literature on the logical framework and related material to the defined real life challenge will be communicated via the lectures and via SAKAI
Lehr- und Lernformen
  • The course comprises an interactive mix of lectures, discussions and individual and group work.
  • To monitor the students’ learning this course will provide ongoing assignments as a basis for feedback and grading (formative assessment) and/or will evaluate the students learning at the end of the course or an instructional unit via exams, final project reports, essays or seminar papers (summative assessment).
  • English