International Marketing

  • - International tourism - status quo survey (figures, dates, facts)
    - Identification and exemplary examination of attractive future source and travel markets
    - Core success factors for the systematic cultivation of international markets
    - Competition in tourism in an international environment (benchmarking - comparison)
    - The global market as an economic environment
    - Driving forces and developments in international marketing
    - Market cultivation in the light of economic and cultural differences
    - Methods for assessing and evaluating potential markets
    - Strategic and operational marketing in an international context
    International Study Program (Hubert Siller & Theresa Leitner, for MCI home students only):
    An important aspect of the master's program "Entrepreneurship & Tourism" is its relation to the industry by means of applying technical know-how and academic methodologies to ‘real situations'. In particular, MCI achieves this challenge by providing the opportunity for MCI tourism master students to participate in an international study program within their international semester (3rd semester). The objective is to cover all four areas of concentration by applying theoretical insights to selected summer and winter tourism destinations.
    The goal of the international study program is to combine theoretical findings with problem statements from the industry, whereas students shall be active in critical thinking and creative problem solutions. This means, that ‘real' case studies are integrated into academic research questions. According to problem-based learning, it is guaranteed to assist students in their individual learning styles, cooperative group works and creativity.
    The study program enhances interface competencies, problem solving skills, entrepreneurial thinking and acting, communication abilities, social networking skills, decision-making abilities, etc. and therefore integrates professional and methodological competencies with social-communicative competencies and even personal competencies.
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