International Sales Organization
  • special challenges in international sales organizations
    alternative forms of object-oriented sales organizations
    overall sales system concept for international marketing
    strategic situation analysis for international distribution
    requirements resulting from the selected market development and market entry strategies
    drafting an international sales concept
    determining the length of sales channels (number of levels)
    deciding about the use of own or third-party sales organizations
    deciding about direct or indirect sales efforts
    selection and acquisition of suitable marketing intermediaries
    selection, establishment and management of multi-channel systems
    ensuring a uniform presentation on the market through contractual distribution systems (e.g. franchising)
    sales strategy and cross cultural issues
    options for international standardization of sales policies and integrated management of international sales channels
    international customer relations management
    identification and commitment of strategic partners
    local recruitment and development of suitable sales staff
    central aspects of and success factors in the establishment of sales systems in Asia, East Europe and America
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