Personalized Medicine & Point of Care

  • Master's program Medical Technologies
Kennzahl der Lehrveranstaltung
  • MSE-M-1-ILV-PM1
Niveau der Lehrveranstaltung laut Lehrplan
  • Master
Semester in dem die Lehrveranstaltung angeboten wird
  • 1
Anzahl der zugewiesenen ECTS-Credits
  • 5.0
Name des/der Vortragenden
  • Priv. Doz. Putzer David, Ph.D., MSc
Lernergebnisse der Lehrveranstaltung
  • Students
    • Understand the fundamentals of personalized medicine
    • Are aware of applications of personalized drugs
    • Understand needs and benefits as well as design criteria
    • Are capable of design, monitor and control of personalized medical device or infrastructure
Art der Veranstaltung
  • face-to-face
Voraussetzungen laut Lehrplan
  • none
  • - Devices for the production of personalized drugs
    - Devices for the production of autologous transplants
    - Individual adaption of medical devices (e.g. prosthesis)
    - Technical and organizational requirements for the application of point-of-care medical products
empfohlene Fachliteratur
  • - Christopher P. Price 2004, Point of care testing
    - Eric Volker 2012, Managed Care: neue Wege im Gesundheitsmanagement
    - Rw Hart, Mg Mauk et al 2011, Point-of-care oral-based diagnostics.
Lehr- und Lernformen
  • The course comprises an interactive mix of lectures, discussions and individual and group work.
  • To monitor the students’ learning this course will provide ongoing assignments as a basis for feedback and grading (formative assessment) and/or will evaluate the students learning at the end of the course or an instructional unit via exams, final project reports, essays or seminar papers (summative assessment).
  • English