Wahlpflichtfach IV: Restorative Practices and Social Justice

<b>du Plessis-Schneider Sharon</b><br />Course introduction and assignment requirements
- Map of student countries
- Social justice/injustice line-up

Lecture I: Social justice in a nutshell
Pair activity & plenary discussion

Lecture II: Social justice Veil of ignorance, John Rawls: "creating a just society from scratch"
Group activity & plenary discussion

Lecture III: South Africa TRC: The concept of restorative justice from a South African perspective
Pair activity & plenary discussion

Lecture IV: Social Justice Agents of Social Change: Group activity & plenary discussion
Rules for radicals and social work activism
Pair activity & plenary discussion

- Recap key issues of session, connect with social work & social justice
- Moving forward as a social worker
Feedback and reflection<br /><br />