Mergers & Acquisitions
  • summary: company acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, spin-offs, etc.
    strategic and organizational issues
    financial aspects
    stages of an M&A transaction (due diligence, etc.)
    labor law aspects
    tax law aspects
    excursus: merger control
    drafting contracts (representations & warranties)
    Bruckner Bernulf
    The Takeover Process from a Financial Point of View
    Takeover Defenses
    Financing M&A: Leveraged Buyouts, Spin-off, Carve-out, Privatization, Private Equity
    Case Analyses

    Kulnigg Thomas
    M&A process, structuring, legal due diligence, key documentation

    Bauer Florian
    In this course we review the historical development of the market for corporate control. As most acquisitions fail in creating value, we analyze commonly cited success factors. By screening the literature of the four schools of thought (financial economics, strategic management, organizational behavior, and process-school) we develop a more integrative approach to M&A. Finally, we explore how firms should embed acquisitions in their organization to achieve strategic aims.

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