Research Methods
  • During the course students will become familiar with different methodologies and research strategies. They will recognize that research contributions differ from managerial implications and be able to argue for a research problem. They will become aware with inductive and decuctive research approaches as well as the research approach in the field of business.

    Several qualitative and quantitative research methods are introduced and discussed. In depth we discuss the following issues:

    Philosophy of science
    Kinds of qualitative research
    Kinds of quantitative research
    Differences in the research approach
    The research process
    Valuable contributions
    Research model development
    Hypotheses development
    Measurement development
    Reliability and Validity
    Structure of empirical reporting
    Drawing conclusions and implications
    Bauer Florian
    Students will become aware of epistemological and ontological considerations and their impact on the research process, the implications and limitations. Furthermore, we will discuss several possible methodologies such as case study approach, survey design, experiemental design, and others. They will be able to discuss qualitative and quantitative results and can articulate the limitations.

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