Contemporary Research and Practice
  • Students are given an insight into current legal and business management research projects.
    This is done with reference to the contents of Module 01 International Strategic Management, Module 05 International Business Law, Module 04 Branding, Marketing and Sales (with reference to VO International and Global Marketing) and Module 03 International Political Economy (with reference to VO Introduction to International Economics).
    Critical reflection on research work to enable students to understand the implications and limits of research work
    Structure of theoretical and empirical research projects
    Familiarization with the different methods and approaches of the relevant scientific disciplines followed by presentation of related current practical topics and problems
    The knowledge acquired is then consolidated and discussed in student case study work.
    Reflection exercises to enable students to learn to structure and solve problems through process-oriented working
    Dialer Doris
    Course Material:
    Please read:
    EPRS-Briefing (05/2016): Transparency of Lobbying at EU level (pdf-file on Sakai)
    Press Release EC on Mandatory "Lobbying Register" (pdf-file on Sakai)
    Please look at:
    EPRS-Infographic (12/2016): Regulation of Lobbying across the EU (pdf-file on Sakai)
    Please screen:
    Alliance for Lobby Transpareny and Ethics Regulation (, Corporate Europe Observatory ( and Transparency International (

    Please print and bring to class (basis for discussions):
    Code of Conduct for Members of the European Parliament (
    Code of Conduct for Commissioners (2011) (

    Further Reading:
    EPRS-Briefing, "Towards a high degree of accountability, transparency and integrity in the EU Institutions" ( )
    EPRS-Briefing, "Regulating Lobbying in Canada" (pdf-file on Sakai)
    IPOL-Study, "Update of the study on "The Code of Conduct for Commissioners - improving effectiveness and efficiency" (pdf-file on Sakai)

    Frischhut Markus
    Based on indicated readings, we are going to discuss some current noteworthy topics, located at the interface of economics and law, both from a legal, as well as from an ethical / moral perspective.

    Czermak Simon
    Based on interactive teaching methods, students learn how to develop effective solutions to challenges in strategic managment, using intergrated knowledge from the fields of management, economics and law.

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