Introduction to International Economics
  • exchange rates and macroeconomics in an open economy
    national accounting and trade balance
    exchange rates and foreign exchange market
    money, interest rates and exchange rates
    price level and exchange rate from a long-term perspective
    output and exchange rate from a short-term perspective
    exchange rates in the foreign exchange market
    international foreign trade theory
    summary of models and concepts relating to international trade (Smith,
    Ricardo and the new foreign trade theory)
    international foreign trade policy
    trade policy tools
    political economics in trade policy
    trade policy in developing countries
    points of discussion in trade policy
    Brand Björn
    This course provides an overview of the most important concepts in international economics including theoretical and historical insights. It covers both international trade theory (block I) and international monetary economics (block II). The course focuses on an introduction in international economics, international trade theory as well as exchange rates and open-economy macroeconomics. In summary, the students get an understanding of the globalization's driving forces, the current development in international trade and international monetary markets to be ready for discussions in practice and business.

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