Wahlpflichtfach: Noncitizenship, Statelessness, Migration and Rights

  • In today's world, the official relationship a person has with a State can be very important. The experiences of those who do not relate with a State primarily as a citizen can involve a different sort of vulnerability to that found in citizenship. This includes both intentional and inadvertent barriers to rights, vulnerability with respect to State officials as well as private individuals, and the need to prove eligibility for often quite basic rights, including the right to life. This is problematic, but is it soluble? States often make special commitments to their citizens, on the basis that they pay tax, serve in armies, and compose a stable society. Are these commitments really special to citizens? Would these commitments be undermined in the absence of existing prioritisation of citizens? This course does not have easy answers. Students will be encouraged to work with the instructor to interrogate the complexities of the cases presented, including the meaning of citizenship itself. Together, and using sources from literature, case law, film, and beyond, we will explore the relationship between statelessness, noncitizenship, and rights today.
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