Fundamentals of Management & Strategic Thinking

Setting the context - the founding principles of healthcare systems and historical perspectives on their development. The major influ-ence factors in healthcare today; the so called mega trends and how they shape the role of the professional. Where we are today, a review of progress and the new concepts in professional lead-ership
The nature and structure of clinical practice. Understanding the core business of healthcare - 'medicine'; including the principles and practices that guide and govern healthcare professsionals in their delivery of care. Organisational systems and professional cultures: how different organisational and management models influence professional practice and values and cultures. Innova-tion in practice, case study examples
Working with professionals - a practical guide including; patient safety, quality assurance and clinical audit An examination of the relationships between managers and professionals in managing healthcare delivery
Looking towards the future - how the role of professionals is likely to change and the influence factors that will bring this about. New models of care, the need for adaptability and new competencies and new thinking about workforce structures and workforce plan-ning. This session will also draw on case study examples and will be participative in nature - as will preceding sessions
- Integrated care, primary care, hospital care
- Managing health care and managing change
- Functional Management
- Managing networks