Health Economics

  • The relevance of health and healthcare economy.
    The method of health economics.
    Why is the economics of healthcare different?
    Market failures in healthcare markets
    General functions of a healthcare system
    The Neo-classical model, Principal-Agent framework
    Providers' Behaviour, Supply induced demand, Providers Payments
    Risk, risk aversion, demand for insurance, problems caused by adverse selection and moral hazard. Empirical studies of how large the problems are (RAND health insurance Study, tools to reduce the problems (universal systems, deductibles, and copayment).
    Financing health care, collecting-pooling-purchasing, the role of social and private health insurance
    Types of regulation: Public ownership and provision, Public finance, but not ownership, Laws, Price regulation, Access permissions.
    Costs and benefits of intervention: Theory of the second best and the information requirement for optimal intervention.
    Typologies of healthcare systems compared in an economics key