Health Promotion & Integrated Care

  • The role of marketing in public and private healthcare organiza-tions. Sector-wide, corporate, social marketing.
    Need and demand analysis; gap analysis.
    The concept and possible patterns of market segmentation.
    From segmentation to positioning.
    The concept of "marketing mix" and its adaptation to healthcare organizations. The "Eight P's" model.
    Health system relationships & trust; stakeholder relations
    Stakeholder alignment - addressing public will and individuals behaviour;
    Preventive health policies & social marketing strategies to change individual behaviour.
    Evaluation of social marketing campaigns - principals of social value appraisal
    Strategies of Prevention (high risk individual based prevention strategy versus low risk population based prevention strategy
    Protecting and Promoting Health in the work place
    The role of genetics in disease prevention
    Triangulation: The use of heterogeneous data to put a prevention program in place
    Is it possible (and if so how) to promote health and equity in to-day's European societies and countries?
    What is the role of social and health managers/leaders in devel-oping and sustaining a health promotion and health inequity re-duction strategy?
    What types of skills and know-how would social and health man-agers/leaders need to be effective in their work and in creating conditions for people to be more in control of the determinants of their health?