Peace Studies


    * Evolution of the concept of peace and interconnectedness with health and social justice (short overview):
    - WHO / A paradigm shift in the understanding of health
    - The social determinants of health
    - UNESCO / A paradigm shift in the understanding of peace
    - Peace (negative / positive). Violence (personal / structural / cultural)
    - UNESCO Manifesto 2000 for a culture of Peace and Non-Violence
    - Introduction to the plurality of peace

    * Dealing with intra- and interpersonal conflicts (brief overview):
    - Ways of dealing with conflict (management / resolution / transformation) and the corresponding strategies for peace (peacemaking / peacekeeping / peacebuilding)
    - Defensive communication styles


    * Active listening
    * Nonviolent communication
    * Creative / Intuitive writing
    * Theatre of the Oppressed / Theatre for Living
    * Diverse mindfulness and body exercises

    Please be aware that this course requires high level of proficiency in English language. All local students have passed an English language test with at least 90 TOEFL points (internet based) or comparable tests.
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