Financial Accounting & Analysis

- Basics for accounting: Overview and main tasks, entrepreneurship, income tax and company law regulations on accounting
- Accounting and annual financial statements: principles of proper accounting, time of posting, components of annual financial statements, content, objective, completeness of annual financial statements, addressees and functions of annual financial statements
- From accounting to annual financial statements: annual cycle, business transactions, recording of business transactions, double-entry bookkeeping, determination of profit, single-entry chart of accounts
- Current accounting: accounting for company formation, assets or expenses, accounting for asset swaps, excursus on the treatment of sales tax, accounting for purchases/sales/support, accounting procedure at the end of the year
- Contents of the financial statements: Content and presentation of balance sheet and income statement items in detail and analysis of changes.
- Recognition and measurement in the financial statements: presentation and understanding of the items, their meaning and analysis.
- Financial statements: Balance sheet, income statement, notes and management report: preparation and analysis.
- Cash flow statement: content and preparation, meaning
- Financial statement analysis: financial statement policy, information deficiencies; definition financial statement analysis and objectives; process and data base adjustment;
- Analysis methods: Types
- Investment analysis: asset intensity, asset depreciation ratio; investment coverage; asset turnover; turnover rates; capital commitment period in theory and practice
- Financing analysis: equity ratio/leverage ratio in theory and practice
- Liquidity analysis: asset coverage ratio; working capital/liquidity ratio; cash flow statement; practitioner cash flow in theory and practice
- Profitability analysis: income statement; gross profit; return on sales; ROI; ROE; the leverage effect; leverage ratio; in theory and practice
- Ratio systems: Du Pont system
- Profitability in public companies: Payout ratio; price-earnings ratio, dividend yield in theory and practice.