Project Systems Engineering

  • Rauch Erwin
    While Prof. Cochran is introducing the basics and fundamentals in Systems Engineering Dr. Rauch will present Axiomatic Design as one of the renown design theories.
    - Introduction in Axiomatic Design
    - Axioms and Design Domains
    - Customer needs to Functional Requirements
    - Functional Requirements and Physical Solutions
    - Decomposition and Mapping Process
    - Future outlook and AI in Systems Engineering

    An exemplary case study work will then be used to familiarize the students with SE and Axiomatic Design. Students will also learn how to use Acclaro DFSS as a digital software tool for Systems Engineering.

    Following Prof. Cochran will introduce the concepts of Collective and Sustainable Systems Design:
    - Manufacturing System Design Decomposition (MSDD)
    - Collective System Design
    - Sustainable Enterprise Design
    - Information Modelling in Systems Engineering

    Finally the students have to select an own case study for the group work that represents one part of the final course grade. After selecting the topic for the group work students use Axiomatic Design and the basic principles of SE to solve a defined problem and to design a solution in Acclaro DFSS. The results of the group work will be presented by the students to the lecturers and the class.