Applied Research & Key Skills I

- The research process
- Relevance of problems and questions
- Idea generation
- Empirical social research
- Overview Methods
- General Overview - Module Structure & Learning Goals
- Field of activity in Industrial Engineering & Management Master
- Technological and social trends and the implications for the job profile
- Competence profile
- Importance of professional and interdisciplinary competences
- The key competencies model according to HK Stahl & competence development through application-oriented workshops
- Principles of Responsible Management Education
- Paradigms, principles and differences in the classical and agile PM approach
- Functionality of the Scrum framework (artifacts and events)
- Selection criteria for a suitable PM approach (Stacey matrix)
- Application of Scrum: working with epics and user stories, evaluation and prioritization of stories, setup and application of a Kanban board
- Criteria for the introduction of Scrum
- Scaling of Scrum projects (LeSS)