Elective I: Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation
- Characteristics of New Ventures
- Opportunity Identification
- Phases in Startup Process
- Founding Team Characteristics
- Value Creation and Value Capturing (Business Model)
- New Venture Financing (Investors Pitch)
- Growth Strategies
- Exit Strategies

Elective II: Leadership in Practice
- Challenges for leadership in times of growing complexity
- Organisational Culture
- Innovative leadership concept and practical transfer
- Transformational leadership and change
- Interpersonal mastery
- Motivation, team work
- Mentoring & Coaching

Elective III: International Business
- Forces affecting the international business environment
- Diversity of business conditions across countries
- Activities of multinational corporations
- Specifics of international business management: Strategies and modes of entry into foreign markets, Global supply chain management and sourcing, Global innovation
- International Marketing