English & Social Skills

  • Leahr Clint
    1st (Creative) Introduction of students by each other (Working in Pairs). (3) Minute Introduction.
    Students must create an alternative way of introduction, rather than the norm.
    Goal Setting: (2 Week Deadline) 400 Words +/- 10% written in Formal Style (My goals for the next 3 years)
    Self-Understanding: Writing 100 words each topic
    1. How do I see myself. (Description)
    2. How do I think others see me.
    3. What priorities do I have.
    4. What might I need to change in myself.
    5. What happens when I feel strong emotions.
    6. How do I talk to myself.
    7. How do I interact with others.
    8. What influences me.

    Discussion: Creating a Unique Identity. Rapport Skills. State Management

    Social Skills: Advanced Market Leader 3rd Edition Units 1 & 10

    Themes: Facebook & other social media Platforms vs. Face to Face Social Skills. "Is social media destroying Social Skills." E-Commerce, the Social impact of E-Commerce