Types of industrially relevant existing and emerging industrial robot systems.
- Different kinematics of industrial robot systems
Basics of mathematical description and computer-aided implementation
- Representation forms for position and orientation in 2- and 3-dimensional space
- Representation forms for relative poses in 2- and 3-dimensional space
- Trajectories and time-varying coordinate systems
Basics of industrial robotics
- Description of industrial robot kinematics (DH parameters)
- Forward and backward transformations
- Offline programming
- Knowing different types of motion (Cartesian & Joint-Space Motion)
Basics of industrial robot operation and programming
- Structure of an industrial robot system
- Safety aspects during operation
- Manual operation
- Work object and end effector definition
- Realization of a task by means of offline programming
- Implementation of offline programs on an industrial robot
- Debugging and error analysis of the implementation
Integration of industrial robots into higher-level processes and systems
- Interdisciplinary description of production processes: kinematic, mechanical, temporal, object and event related
- Derivation of subject-specific requirements: mechanical and electrical design, sensors and drives, programming
- Independent solution of handling tasks