Theorien der Sozialen Arbeit II

  • The course is built on the preliminary knowledge that students have already received by "Social Work Theories I." subject. In "Theories of Social Work II.", students get an in-depth knowledge on contemporary social work theories, which originate from the modern practice of social work and/or determine the ways of social intervention theoretically.
    During the lecture, students will receive information on contemporary SW theories such as Radical Social Work, Anti-Oppression SW, Structural SW, Feminist SW, etc. Through integrated groups the given SW theories will be worked out based on various points of views which derive from the pactice and everyday experiences of social workers directly. Doing so, not only the "course book model" of theories will be worked out and analysed, but the relating critics as well. The course focuses on the practical employability of SW theories and enables future practitioners to find a clear relationship between practice and theory. As a result, theories will function as a useful and reliable background from which students will be able to gain useful information that suit their everyday activities.