Wahlmodul Sozialpolitik: Handlungsansätze für Globalen Sozialen Wandel

<b>Guibert Isabelle</b><br />PEACE, VIOLENCE, CULTURE - Conceptual aspects
- Paradigm shift in the understanding of peace | Plurality of peace | Negative and positive peace
- Meaning and dimensions of violence | Personal, structural, cultural violence
- Insight into culture and interculturality
- Mindfulness
- (Defensive) Communication Styles
- Active Listening
- Nonviolent Communication<br /><br /><b>Saavedra Macias Francisco Javier</b><br />The COVID19 pandemic has affected the entire world population. The most obvious consequence has been the increase in mortality due to the disease. However, other effects have to be considered, such as economic, mental health, loss of trust in our lawmakers, the strengthening of digitalisation, etc. In this course, we will discuss the consequences of the pandemic on the mental health and social situation of young people based on empirical evidence. We will address the role that information and communication technologies (ICT) have played in the pandemic and their possible influence on mental health problems. Finally, we will explore possible policy responses to tackle these challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic allows us to explore the complexity of the social, political and psychological factors that interact with each other and affect public health. As social and health professionals, it is essential to understand these factors and how they interplay.<br /><br />