Projekt Food Tech & Systems

Theoretical essentials, latest scientific insights, practical lab work and innovative virtual lab-simulations will be combined based on specific examples. The knowledge obtained from previous lectures will be integrated and applied. The combination of theory and practical lab work enables the students to directly implement developed strategies, to interpret the obtained result and to evaluate their resulting consequences. The main focus of the food engineering part is non-alcoholic beverages.

Through your active participation in this course, you will reach the following learning objectives and goals:

- Knowledge about non-alcoholic beverages, their production processes and specification
o Product categories: milk, tea, coffee, cacao, fruit juices, water, soft-drinks
- Interdisciplinary point of view: production processes, ingredients, food law, food chemistry, microbiology
- Theoretical and virtual lab experience in the field of homogenization, sterilization and pasteurization
- First experiences in the field of product development
- Performing and developing a small scale production process in the lab
- React to challenges
- Basic knowledge about sensory testing