Social Change & Social Work

  • 1. Social change: what is it?
    Stage-setting events:
    - The Holocaust and the rise of human rights
    - Decolonization/The rise of the "third world" countries
    - US Civil Rights Movement - and the Rise of Justice
    - Fall of Soviet Communism - and the Rise of Freedom
    - September 11 - and the rise of fear
    - Donald Trump's America, and the rise of nationalism
    Parameters of definitions:
    - Change as progress vs. change a crisis - Progress for whom?
    - Change as strategy/process vs. change as goal/vision
    Change to what?

    2. Social change and social work
    - Social change in the context of social work
    - The dynamics of change and the reconceptualization of social work

    3. Components and engines of changes - theoretical frameworks and best practices
    - Demography - change as population growth
    - Culture and language of change
    - Social structures and systems of change
    - Social movements

    4. Change at the macro-level
    - Urbanization
    - Diersification/migration
    - Capitalism, neoliberalism and human rights
    - Development - paradoxes of development and the quest for sustainability

    5. Social workers as agents of social and political change
    - Social innovation
    - Social entrepreneurship
    - Social action, policy practice and advocacy