Iryna Rombak, MA

Iryna Rombak, MA
Wissenschaftliche Assistenz & Projektmanagement
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Iryna Rombak, MA

Jones Sarah (2019): Health care professionals' general perceptions of influenza vaccination in the paediatric clinic of Salzburg and facilitators and barriers for their influenza vaccine uptake

Dirnberger Sylvia (2018): Screening and Prevention of Delirium in German Hospitals - A Quantitative Analysis of Nurses'Perceptions and Experiences with Barriers and Enablers

Weber Rebecca (2017): Barriers for Workplace Health Promotion in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Service Sector in the Light of the Preventive Health Care Act

Sonnauer Marie-Therese (2017): Who Cares about Young Carers in Austria? An Exploratory Study Based on the Example of the NGO "Die Johanniter" in Tirol

Sardiko Anastasija (2016): Current situation of chronic disease management in Latvia

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