Lucas Huter, BA MSc MA

Lucas Huter, BA MSc MA
+ 43 512 2070 - 3141

Lucas Huter, BA MSc MA

2021 - heute
Hochschullektor - MCI Management Center Innsbruck

2015 - 2021
Wissenschaftliche Assistenz & Projektmanagement - MCI Management Center Innsbruck

2014 - 2015
Research Intern - Assistance in Research Projects in the Field of Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions - SMA Research Lab

2014 - 2015
Project Assistant - Assistance in Management Consulting Projects - TheBridge Company GmbH

Intern & Project Assistant - Assistance in Management Consulting Projects - MSU Consulting GmbH

2010 - 2012
Employee - Customer Service - Marx Bernhard eU (FMCG Industry)

2015 - heute
PhD Program in Management - LFU Innsbruck (PhD)

2014 - 2015
Management with Strategy - Edinburgh Napier University (MSc)

2013 - 2015
International Business & Law - MCI Management Center Innsbruck (MA)

Exchange Semester - Kingston University London

2010 - 2013
Management & Recht - MCI Management Center Innsbruck (BA)

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  • Bierwisch, A., Huter, L., Pattermann, J., & Som, O. (2021). Taking Eco-Innovation to the Road—A Design-Based Workshop Concept for the Development of Eco-Innovative Business Models. Sustainability, 13(16), 8811. MDPI AG. Retrieved from http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/su13168811

  • Huter, L., Dao, M.A., Degischer, D., Bauer, F., Stockhammer, Y., & Erlacher, M. (2017). Asymmetric Effects of Cultural Distance - A Comparison of German and Austrian Inbound and Outbound Cross-border Transactions and the Diverging Effect of Integration of Wholly-owned Target Firms. In: M. Fuchs, S. Henn, M. Franz & R. Mudambi (Eds.), Managing Culture and Interspace in Cross-border Investments: Building a Global Company (pp. 70-87). New York: Routledge.

  • Huter, L., & Som, O. (2022). Heterogeneous innovation patterns in emerging economies: Insights from Egyptian SMEs, Proceedings of the XXXIII ISPIM Innovation Conference "Innovating in a Digital World", Copenhagen 5-8 June, 2022. ISBN 978-952-335-694-8
  • Bäuerle, A., Som, O., Huter, L., Pattermann, J., Bierwisch, A. (2020). Leveraging Innovation Potentials of Alpine Bioeconomy in the Value Chains of Vegetable Extracts, Food and Beverages, paper presented at the 3rd International Bioeconomy Congress Baden-Württemberg, 21-22.09.2020
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2020 - 2023
Projektassistenz - Mobilizing Egyptian Innovation System for SME Innovation Capabilities - Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF), Deutschland

Projektassistenz - AlpBioEco - EU Interreg Alpine Space

Jungheinrich Ellen (2024): Post-Merger Integration in der Entertainment- und Medienbranche

Bóla Éva (2023): The Effects of Top Management Diversity on Acquisition Duration: A Quantitative Study From Germany

Wolfsberger Manuel (2023): Impacts of Business Growth on the Sustainability of Startups in Germany and Austria - A Qualitative Study

Mayr Julius (2023): Chancen und Herausforderungen im Prozess der Strategiearbeit in landwirtschaftlichen Genossenschaften im Wandel der Digitalisierung

Lentsch Jonas (2023): Erfolgsfaktoren der Post-Merger-Finance-Integration

Veider Benedikt (2023): The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Consumer Purchase Behavior

König Valentin (2022): The Effects of Institutional Differences on the Completion of Cross-Border M&A Deals - Evidence From In- and Outbound Deals Involving BRIC Countries

Summer Sophia (2022): Exploring Stimuli and Barriers to the Use of Online Peer-to-Peer Redistribution Platforms for Second-Hand Clothing - A Study of the DACH Region

Küblwirth Michaela (2022): Einflussfaktoren auf die Mitarbeitermotivation in der frühen Wachstumsphase bei österreichischen Start-ups

Riener Matthias (2022): Unravelling the Perceptions and Reactions of Employees During an M&A Integration Process - A Case From the Software Industry

Bar Michael (2021): Antecedents of Dynamic Capabilities in Organizations Within the German Speaking Area

Petter Laura (2020): Influence of Intercultural Competencies on the Cooperation Between Target and Acquirer Employees During the Post-Merger Stage in Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions

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Rossi Stefano (2024): The Impact of Sustainability on Strategy Making: The Case of the Food & Beverage Industry in Northern Italy

Teuschl Alina (2023): Unraveling Cultural Due Diligence in the Pre-Deal Phase of Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions