Dr. Maurizio Incurvati

He received his M.Sc. degree in 1999 in Electrical Engineering with focus on Power Electronics at University of Rome "La Sapienza". Furthermore he owns a PhD degree received in 2005 from the same University and developed while working at the National Laboratories for Nuclear Physics (INFN). Subject of the thesis were power converters for particle accelerators. He focused in the first eleven years on the development of power converters and control electronics for high end applications both for science and industry. Later on he moved to renewable industry in the field of wind turbines where he contributed to the development of a highly modular system of three-phase back to back inverters. Since 2017 he is at MCI Management Center Innsbruck in the department of Mechatronics where he serves as a Lecturer in Power Electronics and Sensors. His present research interests are in the field of high-speed drives, power electronics applied to robotics and GaN/SiC applications.

2017 - heute
Senior Lecturer - Power electronics, Sensors and Actuators, Simulation Methods, Industrial Electronic, Electrical Drives, Control Engineering, Linear Electronics - Management Center Innsbruck MCI

2012 - 2017
Power Electronics Engineer - Design of power electronic layout for full back-to-back three-phase inverters for wind and ropeway plants including magnetics and cooling. Power range from some hundred kW to several MW. - Development and simulation of advanced control algorithms for control of permanent magnet motors and generators as well as induction motors. -Design of small axial-flux permanent magnet generator for auxiliary power. - Design of energy storage systems for wind turbines and city movers. - Programming of control algorithms on TMS320 family controllers. - Patent survey. - Leitner/Leitwind

2010 - 2012
Power Electronics Engineer - Design and testing of high-voltage and high-current resonant converters for food industry market (PEF), physics and medical research facilities as well as chemical industry market. - Design of three-phase inverters for induction motor testing. - Design of single phase inverters for public street lighting. - Design and programming of FPGA based control electronics. - Design and programming of DSP based control electronics. - Alintel Srl

2007 - 2010
Power Electronics Engineer - - Design and measurement of performance of high precision AC-DC power supplies used in accelerators for physics research and medical applications. - Main collaborations with: - INFN-LNF (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare) - CERN (European centre for nuclear research) - CNAO (Medical synchrotron in Pavia. See publications [1-2]) - GSI (Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung. Design of a high-voltage power supply system for Radio Frequency cavities, including Anode PS 10 kV-64A and screen grid 2 kV-5A) - JLAB, ENEA, BNL - Development and implementation of control algorithms on digital electronics (DSP and FPGA with NI-Labview). - Design of analog-to-digital electronics for high-precision measurements for converters for particle physics applications. - O.C.E.M. SpA

2000 - 2007
Power Electronics Engineer - - Feasibility study, simulation, design and specification draw up of high-precision power supplies for physics applications. - Main projects: - Improvement and management (team leader of four technicians) of DANE accelerator comprising 500 converters. - Design of converter for neutrino spectrometer of OPERA experiment at Gran Sasso Laboratories. - Fast pulsed, high-voltage converters for Beam Test facility at LNF. - Design of AC-DC converters for SPARC FEL linear accelerator. - Design and specifications of converters for medical synchrotron CNAO. - High-precision measurement for assessment of converters of DANE accelerator. - “Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati” LNF of the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics INFN

2001 - 2005
Power Supplies For Particle Accelerators: Analysis of conventional topologies and proposal of new designs - University of Rome "La Sapienza" (PhD)

1991 - 1999
Feasibility study and design of Starter/Alternator system converter for automotive applications - University of Rome “La Sapienza” (Laurea Master Degree)

- design of DC and AC converters for axial-flux permanent magnet motors for electric vehicles - Teaching and support to laboratory activities - Internship at University of Rome "La Sapienza" Department of Electrical Machines

National Instruments Forum
"Controllo di un convertitore DC/DC veloce per i magneti di scansione dell'acceleratore medicale CNAO", National Instruments Forum 2009, Winner of "Best Automation Application Prize"

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