Yannic Heyer, BSc MSc

Yannic Heyer, BSc MSc
Wissenschaftliche Assistenz & Projektmanagement
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Yannic Heyer, BSc MSc

2021 - heute
Wissenschaftliche Assistenz & Projektmanagement - Betreuung wissenschaftlicher Projekte, Lehre - MCI Management Center Innsbruck

2018 - 2021
Applied Physics - Medizintechnik - Hochschule Koblenz und Universität Koblenz-Landau (M.Sc.)

2015 - 2018
Sportmedizinische Technik - Hochschule Koblenz (B.Sc.)

Programmierübung 2, Biosignalverarbeitung, Seminar zur Bachelorarbeit, Projektarbeit & Fallstudien - MCI Management Center Innsbruck

  • Heyer Y.; Anders M.: Pupillometry for pain tracking of induced heat stimuli, "Abstracts of the 2022 Joint Annual Conference of the Austrian (ÖGBMT), German (VDE DGBMT) and Swiss (SSBE) Societies for Biomedical Engineering, including the 14th Vienna International Workshop on Functional Electrical Stimulation" Biomedical Engineering / Biomedizinische Technik, vol. 67, no. s1, 2022, p. 307. https://doi.org/10.1515/bmt-2022-2001
  • Kreiner J. Hollaus B., Heyer Y., Spörk V. (2022, September) Photogrammetry And How To Make Backcountry Skiing Safer, Book of Abstracts for EASM 2022, Innsbruck, Austria

    Heyer Y., Westenberger E., Hollaus B.(2023, September) Smart Golf Club - IMU Sensorik und Machine Learning im Golfsport, presented at Velamed User Meeting 2023, Rum, Austria

    Hollaus B., Volmer J., Heyer Y., Spörk V. (2022, September) Machine Learning In Cycling: Will External Cadence Sensors Become Obsolete?, presented at EASM 2022, Innsbruck, Austria

    Kreiner J. Hollaus B., Heyer Y., Spörk V. (2022, September) Photogrammetry And How To Make Backcountry Skiing Safer, presented at EASM 2022, Innsbruck, Austria

    Heyer Y.; Hollaus B.; Reiter B. (2022, Mai): Video-Klassifizierung für American Football Fangtraining, Posterpräsentation im Rahmen des Nachwuchsleistungssport-Symposium des Institutes für Angewandte Trainingswissenschaften (IAT), Leipzig, Deutschland

Fresen Lennart (2023): Development of a sensor system for a basketball passing machine

Westenberger Ephraim (2022): Human-robot assistance interface for boston dynamics Spot

Rott Peter (2023): Development of an electromyography sensor wristband for controlling a prosthetic hand in virtual reality

Kastner Johannes (2023): Direct Brake Force Measurement in Cycling: Strain-gauge based assessment of braking dynamics in competitive cycling

Neu Gil Aaron (2023): Development of a virtual hand model moving synchronously to a computer vision tracked hand based on the classification of the tracked hand movements

Klos Alexandra (2022): Conceptual redevelopment of an existing ECG Patch in terms of material, production and costs