CEO, arago GmbH, Frankfurt

Artificial intelligence. How to live and work in the future.

Arago is the leading artificial intelligence company that has maintained its start-up mentality for decades. Founded in 1995, Arago has been a pioneer in AI engineering. Arago’s solutions are built to automate enterprise IT and business operations to an extent not seen before.

Chris Boos has a mission: empowering human potential, freeing up time for creativity and innovative thinking through artificial intelligence (AI).

To that end, Chris founded Arago in Germany in 1995, pushing existing boundaries in AI technology to build a general AI. Since then, Chris has led Arago to become a key partner and driver for the established economy, positioning Arago’s AI HIRO™ as a platform for companies to reinvent their business models in the digital age.

As CEO of Arago, Chris Boos’ vision is to transform traditional companies into future-proof, AI-enabled enterprises – regardless of their respective industry. Arago’s international client base includes IT service providers, banks and companies in the telecommunications, steel and metals industries.

As a strategic corporate and political advisor, as well as angel investor, Chris’ multifaceted engagement for AI makes him a much respected public speaker and thought-leader on issues of global importance, such as the man-machine-relationship, the way societies deal with information and the future of labor.

Chris Boos studied computer science at ETH Zurich and the Technical University Darmstadt. His ongoing research focuses on graph theory, machine reasoning and machine learning.



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