Taiwan Studies Project Scholarship goes IB&M

Yvonne Pixa received one of the Taiwan Studies Scholarships and shares her experience with us.

Yvonne Pixa is one of our International Business & Management Master students, who is currently spending her semester abroad at the National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology in Taiwan. She was the lucky one who received the Taiwan Studies Project Scholarship for her exchange (a grant offered by the Taiwanese education ministry and the MCI).

In the following she shares her experiences abroad with us:

“Taiwan - the heart of Asia - is also known as Isla Formosa. The green island offers diverse landscapes, ranging from impressive seashores, giant gorges, and beautiful beaches to high mountains, and big cities. As the island has not yet been overcome with tourism, it is easy to get in touch with the Taiwanese. They are the friendliest and most welcoming people I know, although most of them hardly speak English. Here, you never see any rubbish in the streets, but often a key, phone, or wallet left on a parked scooter. Usually, flats don’t have kitchens, which in return encourages people to eat out. Especially, night markets offer a huge variety of delicious and inexpensive food which make you want to dig into the Taiwanese cuisine and culture.

The National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology offers real campus life. The campus where my classes take place offers various facilities, such as a food court, gym, library, swimming pool, supermarket, and much more which is easily reachable by campus bikes. Classes are scheduled for three hours and mainly based on discussions and presentations held in small teams, which made it also easy to make new friends.

Traveling around Taiwan is cheap and definitely worth doing as the island is only the size of Baden-Württemberg. Moreover, it is very impressive to see how well-organized the railway system as well as major events are there.

Thank you MCI. I am very grateful for all the unforgettable experiences that I have been able to make so far. I would not give them up for anything.” – Yvonne Pixa, Master “International Business & Management”