09. Juni 2020

Fulbright Professur in turbulenten Zeiten

Positives Resümee trotz COVID-19 | Das MCI-Team bedankt sich herzlich

Dr. Gordon Krauss vom renommierten Harvey Mudd College (Kalifornien) verbrachte das laufende Sommersemester als Fulbright-Gastprofessor an der Unternehmerische Hochschule ®.

Trotz der herausfordernden und einschränkenden Zeit aufgrund von Covid-19 zieht Gordon ein positives Resümee über seine Lehrtätigkeit am MCI:

„My Fulbright visit to MCI happened to fall at the time of a global pandemic with the European epicenter in nearby Italy. The resulting closure of Austria’s borders and mandatory quarantine changed the focus of my work and nature of my teaching. In particular, the format of instruction moved from in-person to online, the class teams were distributed rather than localized, and even the language of instruction in one course had to accommodate English rather than German. Nevertheless, I very much enjoyed the experience including the tremendous support from my colleagues and from the students. I especially appreciated the continuing focus of the faculty to deliver high quality course experiences despite these challenges and hold students and each other to a high standard. Perhaps seeing how a University operates under such stressful times is the most authentic of cultural exchange experiences.“

Wir wünschen Gordon eine gute Rückreise und freuen uns auf eine weitere fruchtvolle Zusammenarbeit.