05. Juli 2021

Online Summer Program 2021

A unique experience at MCI – The Entrepreneurial School®

Since about 10 years, MCI-The Entrepreneurial School® has been offering its short programs to students from around the world. This year, the short summer program at MCI was an opportunity for students to gain a unique virtual experience. From Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, India, Lithuania, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Vietnam, the UK and the USA students connected virtually with each other and were actively engaged in networking despite the time differences. Working in culturally diverse teams, sharing experiences as well as acquiring insights into business topics in synchronous and asynchronous sessions has attributed to students’ academic enrichment.


What students say about the short program?

Overall Impression:

“The course and material are of high quality, the teachers have a very good approach to the contents, being always available to help and clarify any doubts. The opportunity to have contact with people from other cultures during the course was enriching and is something I really appreciate.” (Sabrina S. Brazil)

Quality of courses, workload and assessment:

“The quality of the courses was outstanding. The lecturers were quite strict and it was great. The workload was enough. The assessment was equal and just. Lecturers were from different countries, which is outstanding. Classmates treated each other equally. It was nice to see students all over the world...” (Bogrdanov B., Finland)

Recommendations for future exchange students:

“Focus on building connections with other participants. Enjoy the process…” (Prince Harvey A., Philippines)


What lecturers say?

“International Human Resource Management (IHRM) for the 2021 short summer program had twenty-four students who completed the class. We were truly international with students studying from Austria, Bangladesh, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Spain and the UK. I facilitated the class from my office in the U.S. We worked on readings about Human Resource practices, such as selection, job analysis, culture, and HR strategy. Students each performed a job analysis and selection system design for jobs of their choice. Students also analyzed two case studies that I had published as teaching cases. The first is an ethics case based on an ethical dilemma that I had experienced when I worked as a management consultant. The second involved a crime lab; again, a real case that asks students to analyze reasons for employee turnover. During class, students stated that they liked learning about and working on real business issues that would help them in their future careers.” (Dr. Wendy S. Becker, Shippensburg University, USA)

“It was a pleasure to teach Introduction to International Business to a unique mix of students from a diverse set of countries such as Peru, Philippines, France, Slovenia, India, Czech Republic, Russia, Finland, Canada, USA and Brazil. The exchange of ideas allowed us to investigate business frameworks from different perspectives – leading to an invaluable understanding that what unites us in the business world is far greater than what divides us politically. The academic diversity was also immense, as we had students from master’s as well as bachelor’s programs from leading business schools intermingle as intellectual equals, and learn from each other.” (Dr. Phani Tej Adidam, University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA)


Time flies and our four-week online summer program 2021 has now come to an end. It was interesting to observe this journey through this virtual study ambience. This experience was a challenge and, at the same time, an opportunity for students, lecturers and staff. Without global cooperation, communication, online technology and flexibility - it would not have been possible to provide such a diverse course experience.

The success of this first online summer program has induced us to offer it again next year in an online format as well as on campus to our international community.

So, see you next year!

Short Facts

Time: May 24, till June 18, 2021

Time zones: 8 different time zones

Participants: 40

Nationalities of participants: 21

Lecturers: 10 from 5 different parts of the world

Course offers: 8

Focus: Entrepreneurship and Business Management

Format: synchronous and asynchronous