Roskilde University

Year of foundation: 1972
Approx. number of students: 8,200
Period of study: Early September-End January; Early February-End June
MCI partner since: 2007

The City

Roskilde is located on the island of Zealand. It is an ancient city, dating from the Viking Age. Roskilde train station is a major stop between Copenhagen and the regions of Denmark located to its west. With a population of approx. 47,000 the city is an economic center for the region. Roskilde has a pedestrian street running down the center of the city - with myriad shops, restaurants, and cafes. Several tourist attractions draw visitors from around Denmark and the world.

Since 1971 the Roskilde Festival, a rock music festival, has been held annually on the fairgrounds near Roskilde. It has grown to become one of the biggest music festivals in Europe, with a diverse selection of music, including (but not limited to) rock, metal, hip-hop, electronica, dance and world music. All profits from this festival are donated to charities.

The University

Roskilde University awards bachelors and masters degrees as well as Ph.D. degrees. Roskilde University has 6 departments (institutes) specializing in very different areas from Mathematics to International Development:
- Communication, Business and Information Technologies (CBIT)
- Culture and Identity (CUID)
- Environmental, Social and Spatial Change (ENSPAC)
- Psychology and Educational Studies (PAES)
- Science, Systems and Models (NSM)
- Society and Globalisation (ISG)

The university was founded in 1972 and was initially intended as an alternative to the traditional Danish universities which had been the scene of several student uprisings in the late 1960s. The students considered the traditional universities undemocratic and controlled by the professors and wanted more influence as well as more flexible teaching methods.