Addis Ababa University

Year of foundation: 1950
Approx. number of students: 48,700
Period of study: Mid September-Mid January; Mid February-End June
MCI partner since: 2014

The City

Addis Ababa, sometimes spelled Addis Abeba, is the capital city of Ethiopia. It is the largest city in Ethiopia, with a population of 3.4 million.
It is where the African Union and its predecessor the OAU are based. It also hosts the headquarters of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and numerous other continental and international organizations. Addis Ababa is therefore often referred to as "the political capital of Africa" due to its historical, diplomatic and political significance for the continent.

The University

Addis Ababa University was founded as a two-year college in 1950 by a Canadian Jesuit, Dr Lucien Matte, S.J., at the request of Haile Selassie. It began operations the following year. Over the following two years an affiliation with the University of London was developed. The writer and theorist Richard Cummings served as a member of the Faculty of Law in the 1960s.
Addis Ababa University has thirteen campuses. Twelve of these are situated in Addis Ababa, and one is located in Bishoftu, about 45 kilometers away. It also maintains branches in many cities throughout Ethiopia. The government assigns qualified students to these universities upon completion of secondary school.