University of Debrecen

Year of foundation: 1538
Approx. number of students: 32,000
Period of study: Early September-Mid January; Early February-End June
MCI partner since: 2017

The City

Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary after Budapest with 203,000 inhabitants. Debrecen is the regional centre of the Northern Great Plain region and the seat of Hajdú-Bihar county. It was the largest Hungarian city in the 18th century and it is one of the most important cultural centres of the Hungarians. Debrecen was also the capital city of Hungary during the revolution in 1848-1849. During the revolution, the dethronement of the Habsburg dynasty was declared in the Reformed Great Church. The city also served as the capital of Hungary by the end of the World War II in 1944-1945.

The University

The University of Debrecen is a university located in Debrecen, Hungary. It is the oldest continuously operating institution of higher education in Hungary (since 1538). The university has a well established programme in the English language for international students, particularly in the Medical field, which first established education in English in 1986. There are nearly 4000 international students studying at the university. Until 2014 technical Academy Awards (Oscars) have been awarded to five former students.

The university also operates an associated Basic Medicine campus in Geochang County, South Korea.