University of Montenegro

Year of foundation: 1974
Approx. number of students: approx. 14,900
MCI partner since: 2023

The City

Podgorica is the capital and largest city of Montenegro. The city is located in central Montenegro north of Lake Skadar and close to coastal destinations on the Adriatic Sea.
It is not only the administrative center of Montenegro but also its economic, financial and commercial hub. Podgorica is also home to many Montenegrin cultural institutions and events. It hosts the Montenegrin National Theatre and a number of museums and galleries.
Kotor is a town in the coastal region of Montenegro located in a secluded part of the Bay of Kotor. It has one of the best preserved medieval old towns in the Adriatic and is a double Unesco World Heritage Site: it is part of the Natural and Culturo-Historical Region of Kotor and the Venetian Works of Defence between the 16th and 17th centuries: Stato da Terra - western Stato da Mar. For several years Kotor has experienced a significant increase in tourists many of them coming by cruise ships.

The University

The University of Montenegro (UCG) being an integrated public university is the oldest and largest higher education, scientific and artistic institution in Montenegro. It was founded in Podgorica in April 1974, where the headquarters and main campus of the University are situated today. There are more campuses located in other Montenegrin towns such as Nikšić, Cetinje, Kotor, Igalo, Bar, Bijelo Polje and Berane. The University of Montenegro comprises 19 faculties and 3 scientific institutes offering a large variety of undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programs.