Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

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Year of foundation: 1917
Approx. number of students: approx. 18,500
MCI partner since: 2019

The City

Shanghai is the largest city of China with over 23 million inhabitants. It is a global city with influence in commerce, culture, finance, media, fashion, technology and transport. It is a major financial center and the busiest container port in the world. Located in the Yangtze River Delta in East China, Shanghai sits at the mouth of the Yangtze River in the middle portion of the Chinese coast.
For centuries a major administrative, shipping, and trading town, Shanghai grew in importance in the 19th century due to European recognition of its favorable port location and economic potential. The city was one of several opened to foreign trade following the British victory over China in the First Opium War and the subsequent 1842 Treaty of Nanking which allowed the establishment of the Shanghai International Settlement. The city then flourished as a center of commerce between east and west, and became the undisputed financial hub of the Asia Pacific in the 1930s. However, with the Communist Party takeover of the mainland in 1949, trade was reoriented to focus on socialist countries, and the city's global influence declined. In the 1990s, the economic reforms introduced by Deng Xiaoping resulted in an intense re-development of the city, aiding the return of finance and foreign investment to the city.

The University

The Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE), founded in 1917, is a top-ranked, world-renowned finance- and economics-oriented research university located in Shanghai. It comprises 12 academic schools, one graduate school and more than 20 finance and economics research centers.
SUFE has embraced internationalization and regularly collaborates with such institutions as the World Bank Institute (WBI), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). In addition, SUFE also cooperates with a number of foreign universities.