May 21st 2014

Moldova - between Russia and Europe.

Valeriu Chiveri, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs & European Integration

On May 19, 2014 the Moldavian Minister of Foreign Affairs & European Integration was the visiting speaker in the MCI Alumni & Friends lecture series at the Entrepreneurial School®.

Ex-Ambassador Chiveri began his presentation by stressing Moldavia’s difficult position and spoke of the major diplomatic challenges confronting his country.

With reference to the current situation of the former member of the Soviet Union, Valeriu Chiveri explained that it was essential for Moldavia to move closer to the European Union in order to consolidate the country’s national identity, strengthen the economy and generate the necessary level of growth – but not at the cost of the country’s relationship with the Kremlin: “Even though Moscow often takes a different view. We want to keep Russia as our partner,” said the experienced diplomat.

For the Moldavian minister, more trade partners and more markets are the foundation required for continued reform of the country. But for him, one thing is very clear: “Europe can live without Moldova, but Moldova cannot live without Europe,” which brought the speaker back the challenges confronting his country. In spite of that, Valeriu Chiveri takes an optimistic view of the future and is looking forward to more intensive cooperation in both directions – east and west.

The talk was chaired by Professor Gerhard Mangott, University of Innsbruck.

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