January 24th 2014

How to guide a bank through the crisis

Between the twin calls of entrepreneurial goals and social responsibility
Dr. Gunter Dunkel, CEO, NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank

On January 17 2014, in the framework of the MCI Alumni & Friends lecture series, Management Center Innsbruck, the Entrepreneurial School®, took pleasure in welcoming the international bank manager Dr. Gunter Dunkel from Hanover, Germany.

The banker began his talk by stressing the importance of correct and transparent communication in crisis situations: “The goal is not to solve the crisis at once but to win a breathing space.” The first step is to briefly withdraw from the public eye and discuss the steps to be taken within the inner group, then communicate the cause of the problem and quickly take initial corrective action. After that, the first positive results can be communicated and fundamental structural measures introduced.

You have to keep on your toes, however: “A crisis is only over when no-one is interested any more, not when the management would like it to be,” said the CEO. In addition to crisis management strategies and the importance of the right effect on pubic opinion, the German banker also spoke about the learning process. According to Gunter Dunkel, every crisis has the basic potential to stimulate the further development of the organization involved.

The talk was chaired by Professor Jürgen Huber, University of Innsbruck.