June 18th 2019

Politics - Economy - Media.

As part of the MCI Alumni & Friends Distinguished Lecture Series, the Entrepreneurial School® was looking forward to an exciting panel discussion on politics - business - media. Together with Herbert Prock and Matthias Schrom, intensive discussions took place.

Herbert Prock bei seinen Ausführungen am MCI.


Politics - Economy - Media.

Herbert Prock, Director of Social Affairs, VW Argentina
Born in Innsbruck, Herbert Prock worked for several years as a working student at ORF Tirol after studying comparative literature. In 1987, he began his political career as press officer for the SPÖ Tirol and subsequently became managing director of the state. In 1994 he was appointed Deputy Governor of Tyrol and was Chairman of the SPÖ Tirol until 2002. In 2003 Herbert Prock moved to Argentina and held several management positions at VW Argentina. He has been Director of Social Affairs for several years.

Matthias Schrom, Editor-in-Chief, ORF 2

Matthias Schrom began his journalistic career at the South Tyrolean private radio station Antenne Austria West. In 1993 he moved to the ORF-Landesstudio Tirol, where he worked as a presenter and reporter for the current service at Radio Tirol. In 1997 he became Ö3 correspondent in Tyrol and subsequently Ö3 reporter in Vienna. In 2001 he returned to ORF Tirol and was, among other things, head of the current service department. In 2004 he became head of the ORF Vienna today. Since February 2010, he has been editor of domestic affairs for Zeit im Bild. In 2018 he was appointed editor-in-chief of ORF 2.