October 29th 2014

Bent on achievement?

Dr. Karl Stoss, Director General of Casinos Austria, CEO Austrian Lotteries & President of the Austrian Olympic Committee

In the framework of the MCI Alumni & Friends lecture series, the Entrepreneurial School® welcomed the former competitive swimmer and water polo player Dr. Karl Stoss, who was born in the Vorarlberg region of Austria. The speaker delivered a plea for a stronger focus on achievers and achievement, which he considers essential in order to succeed in the face of international competition: “That applies to sporting and professional life in equal measure!”

In his talk, he described the achiever mentality as “cool” and criticized modern society for being so sluggish. “We are becoming a society of complacent average performers,” he says, a development he considers problematical in the face of today’s merciless international competition. As a solution, the head of Casinos Austria appealed to everyone to have more self-confidence so as to ensure that they live their dreams and achieve their goals on their way through life. For Karl Stoss, the key to success in achieving one’s goals is the discipline required to make optimum use of the full day: “We all have 24 hours at our disposal. The only questions is what we make of them!”

The lecture was chaired by the MCI’s Rector Dr. Andreas Altmann.