March 13th 2015

Was there a euro crisis...

...or is there a globalization crisis?
Thomas Wieser, Eurogroup Coordinator and President of the Euro Working Group

In the framework of the MCI Alumni & Friends lecture series, the Entrepreneurial School® recently had the pleasure of welcoming Thomas Wieser aka Mister Euro, who explained the background to the much discussed euro crisis in a impressive presentation.

The President of the Euro Working Group began with the question of the causes of the euro crisis, which has impacts on national debt, the banking sector and the economy within the European Union. He sees globalization as the driving force. He said the entry of new and dynamic players on the international markets had confronted the EU member states with major challenges. Wieser takes a critical view of the reaction of the EU countries to these changes and sees that as the original cause of the euro crisis.

The speaker said that the establishment of the European Banking Authority had ensured that crises could be met with a fast response in future. The Eurogroup Coordinator also called for more funds to be invested in education and research in order to ensure success in the face of international competition.

The highly successful presentation was followed by a lively discussion, which was chaired by Oliver Stock, Editor in Chief of Handelsblatt Online.